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PEOPLE Capital PLAN Development

It's important operational leaders create a 'People Capital PlanTM' based on a proven Path to Organisational Excellence.

For example you need to generate propeller power and then jet performance, before launching a rocket ship. 

Do you have the workforce foundation’s and talent in place so that further investment will create the culture and strategy to ensure you “get to the Moon”?

Through our '3 Step to a People Capital Plan' Process you will:

- conduct a 'People Capital PlanTM' Audit and generate an online “Human Resources Investment Dashboard”
- recalibrate your people capital investment and set a new “People Capital Flight Path”
- establish a detailed “People Capital PlanTM” for the future

Specific outputs include a customised human resources or People Capital PlanTM branded presentation for stakeholder engagement, and a company specific people capital planning cycle for the future.


 Human Resources Investment Dashboard©

From experience, most leaders do not understand how key human resource activities are connected, or how to maximise the ROI of their People Capital investment decisions.

In many organisations there may be a large investment in learning and development, however if the workforce foundations are not well laid, this could be a case of spending good money after bad. 

Our unique investment formula combines the extent a step on our 'Path to Organisational Excellence' is a Business Priority, the amount of external Expertise Required and the perceived Business Impact.

This formula generates an overview and identifies the steps where investment is required to ensure an immediate return on investment.

Ideal for planning and stakeholder engagement this can be an initial snapshot or add further context around the changes required in the future to ensure you maximize the business impact of your human resources activities.

Click here for a sample dashboard report.

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Introductions to specialist HR consulting services for each step of our human resources Path to Organisational Excellence.


Engage us as your 'virtual HR Director' to assist with the ongoing execution of your People Capital Plan and to engage key stakeholders. 


Our Executive Coaching helps leaders develop skills and strategies to increase their impact and enhance the value they bring to the organization.