Talent Platform

A Digital Hiring Experience

Sound Workforce Foundations are critical to your culture and enhancing the return on your investment in training, leadership and culture. 

Our integrated workforce technologies and solutions enhance your employment brand and enable you to:

  • leverage artificial intelligence driven behavioural assessments
  • enhance candidate and hiring manager talent sourcing experience through video assessment
  • pro-actively talent pool
  • automate reference checking
  • integrate on demand development plans into inductions

Behavioural Assessment

Assessments are a powerful plug-in to your existing talent selection and development processes. They provide instant and personalized insight on every candidate and potentially every employee in your organization.

Our sleek and modern assessments are rated “more engaging” by 9 out of 10 candidates, and take only 8 minutes to complete for entry-level roles (slightly longer for more senior roles).

Make life easier for hiring teams by arming them with the data they need to make great decisions quickly. Use job match scores, side-by-side comparisons, and personalized interview guides to select the very best candidate for every job.

Digital Interviews (video & live)

Drive speed, efficiency, engagement and personal connection with on demand and live video interviewing. Video interviewing allows recruiters to be more strategic and partner more effectively with line managers.

Some of the many benefits include:

  • reduce your time spent on in-person interviews
  • gain flexibility, reviewing interviews when you want and as often as you want
  • increase collaboration with candidates, employees and other stakeholders
  • reduce overall spend on recruitment
  • assess what matters including self-confidence, alignment with company values, energy, assertiveness, articulation of ideas and language skills on your first approach
  • an enhanced candidate experience

Be it pre-recorded or live, video interviewing emphasizes convenience – an important factor in a tight job market, especially with so many job seekers either actively employed or else unavailable during office hours.

Video interviewing is also mobile friendly, allowing you to reach candidates in different cities, looking to relocate, or those with mobility issues who can’t necessarily travel with ease.

Automated Reference Checks

A meaningful, predictive data-driven process that removes road blocks and fills roles faster (by automating the process, you give recruiters valuable time back – up to 8 hours per week).

Receive a full report with the candidate’s overall score, plus feedback from each reference. This provides hiring teams a deeper understanding of the candidates’ strengths, gaps, and job potential.

Specific benefits include:

  • 98% time savings over traditional reference checking
  • 3x higher reference check completion rate
  • 25% conversion of references to candidates