Develop a ‘Corporate Black Belt’ Using Mental Toughness

Develop a ‘Corporate Black Belt’ Using Mental Toughness

18 Jun 12:00 by John Cooksey


Time after time, it has been shown that extraordinary results can occur when we have a positive connection and clarity about where we fit, understand our strengths and are energized to pursue the goals we want to achieve.

There are many examples of great leaders or people of influence who have created a very strong sense of connection or affinity for their followers, thereby enabling significant periods of positive change. These include William ‘Braveheart’ Wallace’, Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela.

Similarly, there have been others such as Bruce Lee who have motivated millions of people to become better connected with their own personal goals and aspirations.

In our daily lives, we are more likely to be influenced by people we work with, ‘experts’ we encounter during our leisure or recreational pursuits and our partners or spouses.

These encounters are based on an initial positive connection such as a physical attraction, a new job offer or a new years resolution.

In business we attempt to create winning cultures and connect for success. Unfortunately you could be throwing ‘good money after bad’ unless an individual has a strong personal sense of connection or ‘Affinity’ to start.

There is also often a lack of ongoing structure and support beyond the initial ‘attraction’ period.

What do we mean by Affinity?

Affinity is the emotional connection we feel when driven by notions of beauty and identity. Affinity at times is about unexplained desire or want. It is often irrational, fluid, and intense natural connection.

When we get along with someone very well, we have an affinity with them. Sometimes opposites attract, so it might feel strange to develop a strong affinity with someone who is seemingly very

different from us.

A positive return on effort can be achieved much more quickly and sustainably by ensuring everyone can maximise the connection or affinity they already have.










Affinity to Energy

A strong internal motivation, sense of purpose or a positive connection has a direct impact on the energy we have however this alone will not provide enough energy to ensure we can achieve the success from this interaction we initially desired.

If we continue to receive a clear sense of our role and the outcomes to be achieved this energy can be harnessed and we become more committed, capable and collaborative.

Ultimately the ongoing application of this structure will guide employees us to positive and sustainable outcomes.


Developing Mental Toughness Towards a ‘Corporate Black Belt’

In a corporate environment now more than ever, employees are expected to deliver a “Black Belt” performance.

The martial arts journey is very much like that of a corporate employee. Each day requires us to connect in some form to the task at hand, and a sense of mastery requires years of commitment, practice and occasional failure along the way.

Research has shown that mentally tough employees are more productive and positive, better engaged and less susceptible to stress.

With models and strategies to increase resilience and mental toughness to better deal with setbacks and stressors, employees can achieve career and life success through:

  • an understanding that a positive mindset is key to achieving peak performance and success
  • the ability to bounce back and see challenges as opportunities
  • increased interpersonal confidence and confidence in own abilities

Increased resilience will also lead to an engaged, positive and productive organisational culture.

Naturally we can teach these in a martial arts school over time, however some of these benefits can also be experienced and learnt through a unique combination of Mental Toughness Strategies with Self-Defence and Martial Arts Techniques.


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