• Matthew Alaimo

    Affinity People are extremely professional and pro-active, meeting our needs on every occasion. We are a fast paced, customer centric organisation that requires skilled staff to work across key projects, often at short notice, and the Affinity staffing solution is key to our ongoing success.

    Matthew Alaimo, Business Manager

  • Martin Conboy

    The knowledge of HR practices at Affinity People is second to none and John Cooksey has deep insights and detailed knowledge of many industry sectors. I have worked closely with John for over ten years and his organisation Affinity People John has become the “GoTo” firm in human resources in Australia and more recently in Asia. He is highly regarded in the human capital space and has successfully cascaded his knowledge to his team and his clients.

    Martin Conboy, Asia-Pacific Director

  • Colin Beames

    John Cooksey is a highly experienced and seasoned HR professional who operates with high integrity, creativeness, business and commercial acumen. Over the 15 years I have worked closely with John he has always acted in the best interests of his clients.

    Colin Beames, Director

  • David Arrowmith

    I worked together with John as part of the National Management team at Drake International and found him to be an individual of first class talents and an in-depth knowledge of the HR and psychometric assessments fields. John is an individual with an extremely personable approach about the way he does his business and with him, it is clearly either black or white – no in-betweens, thus no miss illusions as to what he requires from his staff or the company as a whole. John was very well liked by his highly skilled national staff and was required to put into action a tough revenue growth program at a time of extreme market hardness.

    David Arrowmith, Chairman/Global CEO